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"Where Blue Sky Beckons" in Stone Canoe 18, Spring 2024

"Eclipse” in Whitefish Review 27, Summer/Fall 2022

“Winter Hen” in Ecotone 30, Fall 2021

“Insofar as My Everyday Geese” and “The Day I Sawed Rounds Too Heavy to Lift” in Split Rock Review 16.1, 2021

“Shirley Chisholm Dances Salsa in My Dreams” “If in What’s Left” and “This Midday Sated” What Rough Beast, 2020

“That Night.” Spoon River Poetry Review, Winter 2020

“Ghost Cub” “Glue Lam” and “California Gold”* North Dakota Quarterly, 2020.

*nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Somewhere North of the Lost Coast.” Bellingham Review, 2020.

“Ode to a Second Baseman.” Pilgrimage, 2019.

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