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Publication List

“Is Your Kitty Like This?” Under the Sun, 2023

“On the Hairline Fringe” River Teeth, 2022

“Eclipse.” Whitefish Review 27 Summer/Fall 2022

“Dear Poet Friends.” Oregon East, Spring 2022

“How Wildlife Sightings Create Community.” High Country News, Sept. 15, 2021

“What If? The Art of Speculation in Creative Nonfiction.” Writer’s Chronicle. Fall 2021

“Supple.” in The Madrona Project Volume 2:1 Keep a Green Bough. Summer, 2021

“If only I could tell my Black nephew not to be scared.” Seattle Times. July 31, 2020

“Out of the Box.” Camas. 2020 (reprinted in Ambersand.)

Review of One Long River of Song by Brian Doyle. April, 2020

“Massacre.” Fourth Genre. 2020

“Untangling Environmental Stories.” Brevity. Sept. 20, 2019

“Grounded and Discomfited: Women in the West” — a review of I Am a Stranger Here Myself by Debra Gwartney.” River Teeth. July 2, 2019

“Empathy in Every Direction.” The Writer.  Summer, 2019

“The Unfolding.” Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts 12, 2019

“The Lawns, So Well-Tended.”, Spring 2019

“The Streetlight Glow.” Summer, 2018

“Confessional Roots.” Hotel Amerika. July, 2018

“What Would You Do If the World Was Ending?” with Laura Pritchett. High Country News, Nov. 13, 2017

“Fire One, Fire Two.” River Teeth, Volume 19, No. 1, Fall 2017

“On Brian Doyle’s ‘How We Wrestle is Who We Are'” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies,  Issue 4.1. Fall 2017

“Pierce.” High Desert Journal, Issue 25. Fall 2017

“Post-Strayed.” Under the Sun. Summer 2017

“Letter to America” Nov. 21, 2016

“So Many Rings.” The Normal School, Volume 9, Issue 2. 2016

“Here in the WUI.” Sierra online, Sierra Sept. 7, 2016

“Unpeopled Places.” High Country News, March 7, 2016

“The Tree in the River.” High Country News, January 25, 2016

“The Exact Same Place.” High Country News, September 2015.

“The Essay in Parts” with Steve Harvey, Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, Fall 2015

“Homeland.” Soundings Review, Summer 2015

“The Fiddler on the Rock.” Fort Collins Magazine, Summer 2015

“Hope Without Hope.” Ecotone, Spring 2015

Review: The Map of Enough by Molly Caro May. Orion, Jan/Feb. 2015

“Away From Shore.” High Country News, August 4, 2014

“10 Remedies for Cabin Fever.” Orion. March/April 2014

“What Happened in Humbug Valley.” Creative Nonfiction: Sustainability. Spring, 2014 *finalist The Human Face of Sustainability essay contest

“The Low Ground and the High Ground.” Cutbank, 2013

“The Hole in the Snow.”  Breckenridge Magazine, Winter 2013

“The Story of Gimpy.” High Country News, September 2, 2013

“Fifty Miles.”, 2013

“10 Skills to Hone for a Post-Oil Future.” Orion, May/June 2013

“Silver and Sinewy.” Portland, Spring 2013

“Love Wins.” High Country News, January 21, 2013

“North Fork Bridge.” Spring 2013

“How to Brine an Elk Steak.” Portland, Winter 2012

“From Weed to Home.” Oregon Quarterly,  Winter 2012

“The Right Trib.” High Country News, November 26, 2012

“Where You’d Rather Be.” Under the Sun, Summer 2012 *listed as notable in Best American Essays 2013

“The Housesitter.” Breckenridge Magazine, Summer 2012

“Crush.” Brevity, Spring 2012 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Life List.”  Matter 14: Animal, 2011

“La Linea.” (Excerpt.) 62. 2011

“When We Talk About Courage.” Cirque, Winter 2011

“The Boss and the Lawn.” Bellingham Review, Autumn 2011

“Slide.” Mountain Gazette, October 2011

“Don’t Forget.” (Excerpt.) Portland, Autumn 2011

“Saw Chips in My Bra.” (Excerpt.)  Oregon Quarterly, Autumn 2011

“Pass the Populism.” (Excerpt.) Utne Reader, Sept. / Oct. 2011

“Gone Native.”  Greenwoman: A Literary Garden, Summer/Fall 2011

“Just Right Here.” (Reprint.) Breckenridge Magazine, Summer 2011

“Breathe.” Inlandia, Summer 2011

“A fire lookout in the wilderness speaks of our past.” Writers on the Range, July 7, 2011.

“Winter Flood.” A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments 27: Entropy, Spring/Summer 2011 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“The Sign Maker.” High Country News 43.6 April 18, 2011

“Slow Connection.” 60, Spring 2011

“Re-Entry.” Mountain Gazette 175, January 2011

“Snapped.” Mountain Gazette 174, December 2010

“Grace Behind Glass.”  High Country News 42.19, November 8, 2010

“Erosion.” Matter 13: Edward Abbey, June 2010 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Spawning in Mud.” (Reprint) Writing Nature, 2010

“Drive That Hummer.”  High Country News 42.2, February 1, 2010

“Spawning in Mud.” Watershed 7, Spring/Summer 2009

“Christmas Naked.” Mountain Gazette 162, December 2009

“Living on Glacial Time.” High Country News 41.16, Books and Essays Issue, September 14&28 2009.

“Caucus.” North American Review 294.3-4, May-August 2009

“The Dictionary Reader.” High Country News 41.14, August 17, 2009

“The Seam.” Under the Sun, Volume XIV, No. 1, Summer 2009 *listed as notable in Best American Essays 2010

“Just Right Here.” Oregon Quarterly, Summer 2009

“Natural Comfort.” High Country News 41.10, June 1, 2009

“The Fall Line.” Mountain Gazette 151, February 2009

“Real Work.” High Country News 40.21, November 10, 2008

“The Beatles Drive,” The Rambler, September/October 2008

“The Lost Art of Backyard Cloning.” Mountain Gazette 145, July 2008

“Staying Put.”  High Country News 40.4, March 3, 2008

“Hello Kitty Rules.” Mountain Gazette 138, December 2007

“Word Share.” Oregon Quarterly, Winter 2007

“Sand-Calloused Places.” Mountain Gazette 135, September 2007

“Thirteen Percent Catholic.” Pilgrimage 32.1, Spring 2007

“Erasing the Stone.” Mountain Gazette 127, October 2006

“What’s Heaven without a Gate?”  Weber Studies, Spring/Summer 2006

“Lost and Found.” Mountain Gazette 120, January 2006

“This, Jack London Reminded Me.”  Mountain Gazette 118, October 2005

“Potluck.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest, Volume 8 Issue 1 2005 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“La Linea.”  Pilgrimage 30.2, Summer 2005

“The Temperature of Water.” Oregon Quarterly, Winter 2004

“Children of the Woods.” Weber Studies, Fall 2003

“Everywhere But Here.” Orion, July/August 2003

“Long Distance.”  Sport Literate, Father’s Issue, Summer 2003

“Fire Ban.” Oregon Quarterly, Summer 2002 *winner Northwest Perspectives essay contest

“Red Tape and Yellow Stickies.”  Fine Homebuilding, Spring/Summer 2002

“Knocking it Back.”  Backpacker, May 2002

“Now Go Home.”  Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest, Volume 3 Issue 2 2000.

“Doing Without.” (Reprint) Utne Reader, July/August 2000.

“Doing Without.”  Orion, Winter 2000.

“The Tourists in my Yard.” Talking River Review, Winter 1998

“Writing in Place: An Interview with Pam Houston.”  Thin Air, 4, 1998

“Wilderness, Homelessness, and the Crosscut Saw.” Kinesis, March 1997 *winner If It Moves essay contest


“How the World is Made New.” In Stories From Where We Live: Pacific Northwest Coast.  Edited by Sara St. Antoine.  Milkweed Editions.  Forthcoming.

“To the Top of the Word.” ColumbiaKids,  2011.

“Under the Churn.”  Driftwood, Fall 2008.

“If, in 1934, Everett Ruess Had Not Disappeared.”  Black Ridge Review, Spring 2004.

“The History Tutor.”  Writers Forum, Volume 28, 2002.

“Explanation of Benefits.”  Cimarron Review, Winter/Spring 1999.

“Where the Springboard Set.”  West Wind Review 17th Anthology, 1998.

“Like the Astronauts Did When They Landed on the Moon.”  Kinesis, April 1997.

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